Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What love is.

It's amazing how a baby can inspire such love.  This is how I define love.

* 2 lifelong friends driving 1 1/2 hours each way to talk with me and listen to me cry, and somehow thank me for the chance to do so.  Thank you Al & Heather

* countless meals being prepared for my family while I was on bed rest at The Brigham.  Thank you all.

* A genuine offer to fly up from Florida and help care for Caroline, Jackson and Ryan when Josh and I were in the hospital.  Thank you Denise.

* Taking the red eye from Seattle to Boston the night Ethan died to help me and my family for the first five days.  Thank you Cheryl.

* Sending me a card letting me know you love me and will always there for me, every single week this summer.  Thank you Meredith.

* Praying for me and my family.  Thank you all.

* Zeroing my balance with your office, telling me that bills were the last thing I should be worrying about.  Thank you Dr. Mansour.

* Sending my family to the movies for a day of distraction/fun.  Thank you Katie & Tom.

* Sending me countless emails, texts, and Facebook messages telling me you care and were praying for us.  Many of you I had not been in contact with in 15 years, and many of you were complete strangers.  Thank you all.  

* Coming to the Emergency Room and rubbing my back when I was there alone, in severe pain due to kidney stones and the c-section recovery, just 2 weeks after Ethan died.  Thank you Meredith.

* Going to church in Mexico while you were on vacation to pray for Ethan.  Thank you Ron & Robin.

* Sending me the most beautiful flower arrangement I have ever seen.  Thank you Cara.

* Taking the time to collect several monetary donations to help me pay for medical bills.  Thank you Sarah & all of my colleagues.

* Coming to see us when you heard what we were about to do.  And for being present with us as we held our baby for the first and last time.  Thank you Dr. Mansour.

* Sharing with me that Ethan's life inspired you to be more patient with your children, hug them tighter, pray for the first time in years/ever.  Thank you all.

* Immediately coming over to watch our kids when my water broke and I had to rush into Boston.   Thank you Skip and The Dotson Family.

* Offering to watch our children, despite having your own, and usually living in a different state.  Thank you Becky, Karen, Jeannette, and others.

* Holding my other baby Ryan so he could sleep while teething when Josh and I were at the hospital.  Thank you Chris and Mel.

* Coming up to help with anything and everything at a moments notice.  Thank you Mom and Dad.

* For making my return to work manageable.  Thank you Chelsea, Val, Jenn, Ruth, Michelle, Laura and countless others.

* Letting me swear as much as I needed to/wanted to, and joining in.  Thank you Lee.

* Talking with me about my sweet boy.  Thank you Kelly.

* Loving me through all of my crazy meltdowns.  For watching the kids so I could go cry, nap or shower - the 3 things that helped me to feel better.  Thank you Josh.

* Becoming my friend after you learned what happened to me, to my family.  You didn't run away from me or my pain.  Thank you Abby.

* Sharing your story, for knowing the pain that was in my heart without me having to explain it, and for proving to me that I am not alone in this shitty club.  Thank you Ann, Meredith, Susan and my friends my Glow.

Thank you all for showing me God's love.  I aspire to pay it forward.

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  1. Annie,Because you and Josh are who you are, it is easy to grieve with you. Or should I say not easy, but with God's grace, we want to do it. It has probably been at least 10 years since you and Josh have been to WV (I lose track) and yet, I vividly remember the love and care you showed Rachel ( who just turned 26! Yikes!) Rick and I have been through a NICU experience with our 22 year old, and I still get weak knees when I go near one. I thank you for your courage to share, for it resonates with me and reminds me again, how blessed we are to have God guide our lives. Sylvia