Monday, September 3, 2012

Ethan's album

Photos of our baby boy...

Ethan had huge feet!  No surprise there.

Not a good quality picture, but we had just baptized Ethan.  Josh's colleague Rev. Richard Slater felt told by God to come and visit us at the exact moment we decided to take Ethan off of life support.  God put him there to baptize him for us, so Josh could be fully present as a father.

In Dad's loving arms.

Not a good picture, but a very precious one.  The only family picture we have with Ethan.

About 16 weeks along with Ethan.  Caroline & Jackson wanted in on the picture, not sure where Ryan was.

Holding Ethan for the first & last time.

We were allowed/encouraged to hold his feet & hands even though we were not allowed to hold him.

Ethan was 1 day old in the picture, taken when he was doing well.

22 weeks along

24 weeks along, he was set to be a 10 plus lb. baby boy!

My favorite picture of Ethan.  One eye open, like Popeye.

My sweet boy.


  1. Beautiful Annie beautiful :-*

  2. Annie, I just have to say again how adorable Ethan is, and how I love the smile on your face : ) You are such a loving Mama, and your sweet boy is lucky he gets to have you.