Ethan's Photo Album

 I wish we had a photo album for each year of Ethan's life.  That's not an option, so here are the photos we have of Ethan, and we cherish them.

24 weeks

26 weeks - no wonder he was going to be 10+ pounds

Holding Josh's finger in the OR.

This is when we thought Ethan was going to live & be healthy.  
It is a picture of what could have been...

This is the first time I met Ethan...they had wheeled me into 
the NICU to meet him for the first time after my c-section.

We had just baptized Ethan.


  1. Annie, I love that I can see all of these pictures of beautiful Ethan and his family. He is such a darling little man, and he has such perfect feet too! I can see you in him. Thank you for sharing these here.
    Love, Jen

  2. Annie love every single photo, they are beautiful and you all look so happy in every single one. It is lovely to be able to put faces to the names. Ethan is so handsome and cute and I think his personality comes out so well - especially the one where he has both his eyes open, its like he is so determined to know what is going on. Lucy

    1. oh lucy - thank you so very much. your kind words mean so much to me. we really were so happy - even when we were simultaneously devastated. holding ethan was the best moment of my life. i can't thank you enough for the support you offer me, and others. much love to you and your sweet angel.

  3. I have heard about Ethan from you on Glow and came to have a look at his pictures here today. What a lovely boy! What a beautiful family he has. I love his feet photo.

  4. I just want to say your family is beautiful and thank you for shareing your Ethan with us. I also am a mom of an Angel. I came across this page through a friend Nancy whipple. Hope you don't mind I was looking at your photos :) just beautiful!

  5. I found your blog through another website. I lost my twins in January. I am so sorry for your loss. Your little one is beautiful.