Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In his name...

I should be buying the cake mix, the #1 candle, the sprinkles and frosting tomorrow at the grocery store.  Baking them on Sunday to sing him happy birthday.  But I'm not.  Well, maybe I will still...but it won't be the way it should be.  That's for sure.

With Ethan's first birthday just four days away, I remember my biggest fear.  That the world will forget him.  I've done my best this year to assure that wouldn't happen.  But the fear remains in a dark corner of my being.  I know I won't forget him.  But will you?

Ethan's short and powerful life inspired great love.  Inspires great love.  Please help me to keep that in the present tense.  So the world doesn't forget Ethan.  So Ethan's love shapes the world for the better, making it impossible for the world to forget his sweet soul.

So this Sunday, May 19th, would you do a couple of things for me?  Would you tell Ethan happy birthday out loud?  So he knows that he is loved the world over?  Maybe even sing him happy birthday.  That would make me smile.

And would you spread a little love in Ethan's name on Sunday?  Do something nice for someone else. Show them love.  Go out of your way a little bit.  Maybe help someone who needs it.  Bring someone flowers to make them smile.  Donate to a charity.  Tell someone, or some people, how you value them.  Do something typically reserved for special days.  Remember Ethan when you do.  For May 19th is a special day.  Let's celebrate it with Ethan's Love...

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